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My dog, Mocha and I.

My dog, Mocha and I.

  • Since high school in the ’90s (before smartphones and 486’s), I taught myself how to create websites, design graphics and build online communities. Remember forums? That’s what we had before Facebook and social media startups like Twitter and Instagram took over. I just started with text sites in 1996 because I was such a fan of tv shows and movies, I built content-heavy websites that grew daily news updates, databases and media galleries for photos and videos. My fansites grews into thousands of visitors/members a day…ABC, FOX, FX and other media outlets were contacting me. The rest is history…now, I can just spending hours coding and creating graphics, because I enjoy it so much.

  • My background is: BS Industrial Design degree from Georgia Institute of Technology. But I also love studying and staring at anything with design, which is most things (though not everything is done well or with thought). I especially enjoy architecture, interior design, Leonardo da Vinci, M.C. Escher, comic book drawings, etc.

  • I love reading about new technology, and playing with gadgets. I remember investing in my first 10-button mouse from Logitech, wow it was over $100+. I would (and still…) get excited about a cool mini USB drive, or bluetooth speakers and lights. We live in an amazing world. What would we do without GPS?!

  • I’m not a news junkie, but I do like informing myself with learning and experiences. I wake up every day listening to podcasts. I use the Otto Radio app. Occasionally, I read. Mostly online articles about psychology, non-fiction, fanfiction, graphic novels and magazines. The only magazine I subscribe to is Readers Digest.

  • Free time means relaxing. My dog, Mocha, and I walk alot, and he enjoys barking at people in drive-thrus, so we go to alot of those! I am a self-proclaimed foodie (with some cooking and baking skills), and I love to “Eat. Drink. Be Merry.”

  • I train my brain with trivia, card games and board games, like Family Feud, Poker, Scrabble, and Upwords. I apparently like spelling, a bit of a grammar-ista! If you like games and fun, check out the movie “Game Night”, hilarious!

  • My first initial is N, middle initial Y and last name Chen 🙂 thus, nychen.

  • Now that you know several things about me, do you still need a website?

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