• Appealing to the eye.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Organized with information you can skim.
  • Showcases photos about your service/products/business.
  • Responsive and viewable on a variety of platforms: computers, mobile tablets & cellphones.
  • Setup for the user, not the designer to maintain.

Everyone is online, and they research everything first – to get information, read reviews, etc. As a business owner, YOU need (and should want to) provide the newest, most accurate information to your customers!

  • Customers
    • Connect and communicate with customers.
    • Customer service is #1
    • Most customers research a business online & visit their website before ever entering the front door!
    • Everyone is on social media.
      • Make and keep customers happy & loyal!
      • They are the ones who spread the words about your business to their family & friends!
  • Branding/Promotional
    • Tell your customers about your business.
    • Promote your business specials/events!
    • Share the latest news about your business and the products/services it offers vs. other businesses!
  • Competition
    • Everyone has a website, you need one too!
    • Having an online presence makes your business credible and professional.
    • A website is the fastest way to tell someone about your business: “check out www…dot…”
  • Search
    • Everyone googles everything these days!
    • Your customer will google you and your website is the first impression they will get about you and your business/company.
  • International
      • Not just local where you are, but
      • Global reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Simple, I will! We will work together to build you a fantastic website!

Simple, all websites I build are using the newest CMS [content management systems], which means you are able to update your own website as you please – whenever, wherever. No extra charges!

My prices are the best because I am a one-person designer, not a huge company with overage fees. No extra fees, just what we discuss and agree on. Interested? Take a look at our price chart and find the right option for you!

My philosophy is KISS [Keep It Simple Stupid]. I believe:

  • Every design has a function and form.
  • Simple means no excessive flash, video or images to overwhelm.
  • Easy to find information is what people want.

CONTENT is always king!

  • Content is the stuff on the site, information first and always!
    • Google is #1 because it is simple & fast.
    • Google is #1 because it has infinite information.
  • Usability is key.
  • Less if more [if done correctly]!
  • Why design websites?

    • Because I love the interaction and information that is self-accessible online [we search, we find].
    • Because I love getting an idea, then wholly turning that abstract brainstorm into a visual creation.
  •  Why choose me as your designer?

    • Because I build websites entirely from scratch:
      • From non-existence to existence!
      • I do the setup online, to the design, to the graphics, to the coding and everything else you need!
  • Because I have been doing this since 1998…

    • Self-taught, I learned everything myself, not from a book but from experience!
    • I understand business, I was in a family business for 10 years, and also ran my own for 5 years.
    • I care about your business because I am not a large company that pumps out 1000’s of sites a year!
    • Local small businesses drive the economy!
    • I live in Georgia. Local means, I have probably shopped at your business!

YES, build me a website now!


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