Learn a little about me:

My dog, Mocha and I.
My dog, Mocha and I.
  • My first initial is N, middle initial Y and last name Chen 🙂 thus, nychen.

  • I love word games. I wanted to major in English Literature. For a funny movie about games, watch “Game Night” (2018).

  • In high school (before smartphones WHOA), I taught myself how to code and use Adobe Photoshop 3.0 to create graphics and websites. Remember forums? That’s what we had before Facebook and social media startups like Twitter and Instagram took over. I remember when animated GIFs were a big deal, then everyone loved Flash, then hated Flash. Because I loved tv and movies so much, I started building fansites that grew into massive online communities with content and users. They caught the attention of ABC, FOX and FX. The rest is history…I enjoy being creative!

  • My background is: BS Industrial Design degree from Georgia Institute of Technology. ID, aka, product design —> Think Apple. I enjoy architecture, interior design, Leonardo da Vinci, M.C. Escher, comic book drawings, etc.

  • I love reading about new technology, and fidgeting with gadgets. I remember investing in my first 10-button mouse from Logitech, it was over $100+. We live in an amazing world. What would we do without GPS?!

  • I subscribe to is Reader’s Digest.

  • Free time means relaxing. My dog, Mocha, and I walk alot, and he enjoys barking at people in drive-thrus, so we go to alot of those! I am a self-proclaimed foodie (with some cooking and baking skills), and I love to “Eat. Drink. Be Merry.”

  • Now that you know several things about me, do you still need a website?

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